Policies and Regulations

Posting flyers

Please be sure to follow these guidelines when posting flyers as Building Services removes anything not adhering to these guidelines:

  • Do not post anything on a painted surface, unless that surface is a painted dry erase surface.  Tape left on a painted wall, finished wood or limestone surface for any length of time tends to leave residue behind which attracts dirt or which may remove paint and/or drywall paper when pulled off.
  • Use no more than two pieces of low-tack tape at the top.  This makes removal much cleaner and easier.
  • Do not post flyers on glass.  This does not include posting office hours and the like on offices where there may not be other options.
  • You may post on dry erase surfaces (including the elevator interiors).

There are public display boards are white boards located outside all classrooms on the East lower level, the West first floor and the East Wing elevators.  There are also mobile display boards in the West Wing. 

Installing Art, Bulletin Boards, or Other Wall-mounted Items

Contact the Building Manager at Contact Us.

IU Physical Plant must hang all wall-mounted items except for lightweight things like calendars or flyers in public spaces and offices.