Safety and Security

Emergency Phones

  • In elevator lobbies on each floor of East wing
  • In each elevator
  • C600 phones (which are not tied to the presence of a particular person) in focus rooms
  • Remember to dial the area code, even for local calls

Exits and Evacuation

  • Exits marked with emergency lighting
  • Evacuation maps located on each floor (near elevators and stairwells)
  • In case of fire, use stairwells, and not elevators, to exit the building

Severe Weather

All elements of the building are subject to the most stringent safety requirements; the building has been engineered and constructed to last for hundreds of years. The placement of limestone panels and windows was designed to withstand strong winds, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

  • Secure shelter areas:
    • East wing underground level
    • Protected stairways
    • Restrooms
    • Storage rooms

First Aid

Each unit should have a first aid kit. Defibrillators are located on campus various locations, including the Wells Library.